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Force over Distance: What Goes Undelivered

This is not the hard part.

Force over Distance: Chapter 87

“And what’s work, anyway?”

Force over Distance: A Rebellious Bird

Only 0.3 lbs!

Force over Distance: Chapter 85

“Don’t get yourself in trouble now,” Rush said softly, and caught the edge of Wray’s blue track jacket.

Force over Distance: Chapter 84

“What are ‘whales’?” Varro asked.

Force over Distance: The Konami Code

This is the way Ginn returns to the river of time.

Force over Distance: Chapter 82

“Y’fuckin’ patronize me an’ I’ll rewire your heart.”

Force over Distance: Chapter 81

Brick by metaphorical brick, Young ate away at his own block.

Force over Distance: Chapter 80

“If it’s not him, opening the gate will destroy us,” Emily whispered.

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 8

“A bearing. ” Rush’s voice cracks. “Derived from the nautical term.”

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 7

They are coming.

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 6

Water runs into the dark.

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 5

A ship or a gate or a ship.

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 4

“I don’t know, man,” Greer whispers, “Lisa talks shit about tidally locked planets like you wouldn’t believe, but this one doesn’t seem so bad.”

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 3

The nature of his problem is a dictionary problem.

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 2

Greer releases a shuddery breath and sits a minute, holding his luck tight.

Force over Distance: At All Angles Part 1

Lightning in the ionosphere.

Force over Distance: Chapter 71

His mind snapped in half.

Force over Distance: Chapter 70

“The shuttle just came up on short range. They’re ballistic.” Chapter warnings:  Stressors of all kinds. Loss of autonomy. Physical injuries. Boundary violations. Text iteration: Midnight. Hover-to-discover intact. Additional notes: None. Chapter 70 Late into the evening, Young sat on his couch, scanning through an English copy of Eli’s proposed plan for something like the fifteenth time. “So, you think this is gonna work?” Young asked, putting the ragged-edged notebook paper aside. “Mmm.” Rush stared through Eli’s Ancient text as though he wasn’t seeing it. “You listening?” “Yes yes,” Rush murmured. “Uh huh. Was that yes you’re listening, or yes it’s gonna work, or one yes for each question?” His chief scientist sat on the floor with his back against the couch, his left foot elevated on the low table, pretty clearly not taking in a word Young’d said. His fever had broken, his thoughts were running firebright, and his mental engine was revved with all its usual horsepower. Young flic