Ad Noctum

Welcome: This continuation of Ad Noctum in the form of a low-key, low-fi, bare bones blog is about sharing what I have with the small nexus of people that want it. A Stargate bedtime story, if you will, that I’ll tell in the Aftertimes for as long as seems reasonable. Let’s keep it chill, kids. It’s quiet. It’s night. Someone’s lit a campfire.

Notes about the story: Ad Noctum is a transformative work (aka fan fiction). Please don't repost to other sites. It’s set in the year prior to the start of season 1 of SGU and subsequently overlapping with SGU. Where it’s positioned relative to SG-1 and Atlantis is less important, but, if it becomes necessary, I’ll plant a temporal flag.

Notes about the series: Ad Noctum is part of The Multiverse Triptych, which also includes Force over Distance and Mathématique. Force over Distance is meant to be read first. Mathématique and Ad Noctum can be read in any order, or at the same time. They’re both WIPs.

Warnings: Rated R [movies]. Rated M [video games and AO3]. Ad Noctum is dark. Don’t read this if your brain is still forming or you’re triggered by stress. Don’t read if ambiguous consent or gaslighting bothers you. Don’t read if deliberately insensitive discussion of mental health issues by central characters triggers you. There’s a lot of lying in this one. Everyone either seeks out or is forced into problematic choices. The threat of brainwashing and all it implies hangs over this fic like a Sword of Damocles. Torture is referenced and may, at some point, be directly described. I’d argue that this doesn’t go any further than SGU itself went with these themes, but, if in doubt, do not read. I’ll put in chapter-specific warnings as I go.

Special note: There’s a cat in this story. The cat will be, without exception and at all times, one hundred percent fine. Even if characters worry about the cat or the plot seems to threaten the cat, I personally guarantee you that the cat will always be having a great time.

This is Fiction: Also known as Definitely Not the Way I Think People Should Live. But as dark as this one is, as terrible as the characters sometimes are to one another, it’s still, somehow, about carrying beautiful things in your heart.

Relationships: Rush/Young is a lynchpin of this one, but it’ll take a ridiculously long time to get there.

A few more things: This is the dark one. The one about trauma and agency and anger and lighting the world on fire. The one about completely falling apart while simultaneously holding everything together. It’s also…the space pirate one. 

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