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Mathématique: Chapter 30

Oh. Right then. There was an outstanding reason for doing what they were doing. This was a contingency plan. It must be. 

Mathématique: Chapter 29

The Dodge Charger was a man’s car.

Mathématique: Chapter 28

The tail end of any bell curve was a precarious place to live.

Mathématique: Expansion Pack

“There’s going to be like—math. Math and languages and crypto and the story and the graphics—ugh. It hurts me. My soul aches with how good it looks.”

Mathématique: Chapter 26

“Did you just call me ‘gate bait’?” Rush asked.

Mathématique: Chapter 25

He hated photons. They were the cheap grief of the cosmos.

Mathématique: Chapter 24

There was no escaping the fact that his bones were bolted together.

Mathématique: Lantean Dream Team

To create a machine that feels is a cruelty.

Mathématique: Chapter 22

The esprit de corps of SG-1 was an event horizon of mutually-dependent, self-deprecating charm that was as exhausting as it was addictive. Once one passed a certain point, there seemed to be no escape.

Mathématique: Chapter 21

The gate shut off behind them with a sound like the rending of field lines.

Mathématique: Chapter 20

“The whole world owes me coffee,” Jackson said, and, while his delivery was light, those blue-fire eyes were anything but.

Mathématique: Chapter 19

“It’s not a fan club,” McKay said indignantly, his eyes flashing toward Rush and then away. “It’s a journal club.”

Mathématique: The Cold Clear Light

She changes her direction, spinning on the axis of the naquadah in her pocket.

Mathématique: Chapter 17

"I'm not really dressed for a carjacking. I could use a new shirt."

Mathématique: Chapter 16

At the bottom of a nameless ravine, microprocessors had rained down from a cloudless sky.

Mathématique: The Sky Calls to Us

Samantha Carter experiences all that is possible, even if she isn’t aware of it; her consciousness splitting and ending and tracking and reforming until it runs out through threading tributaries and the river of her life rejoins the cosmic ocean.

Mathématique: Chapter 14

“I'm going to make my continued involvement with the stargate program contingent upon you taking a computer literacy class,” Rush snarled.

Mathématique: Chapter 13

“Believe it or not,” Vala said, “we’re here to rescue you.”

Mathématique: Chapter 12

“Less talking,” Young said grimly, as the sound of gunfire began to approach their position, “more climbing.”

Mathématique: Chapter 11

“You want to hack a quantum computer?” Perry asked, her voice rising in pitch.

Mathématique: Chapter 10

“This phone has seen some times. It knows the world now.”

Mathématique: Chapter 9

Jackson sighed theatrically. “No one appreciates me.”

Mathématique: Chapter 8

“ If seven chevrons take you within the galaxy and eight chevrons take you without, then nine chevrons—”

Mathématique: Chapter 7

What did they want from him anyway, this fraternitas sanitas that razed civilizations to the ground with a wink and a smile and obligatorily cheeky commentary?

Mathématique: Chapter 6

Just hostile incursions and math.

Mathématique: Chapter 5

This was what had driven Schumann insane.

Mathématique: Chapter 4

“Dang it,” Mitchell said. “Jackson and Carter are infecting my lexicon.”

Mathématique: Chapter 3

One could not disappoint the dead.

Mathématique: Chapter 2

How he was gonna unpack all these boxes, he had no idea.

Mathématique: Chapter 1

“You said this ‘moving’ was a cultural rite of passage.”

Mathématique: Circuit

It must begin somewhere.