Welcome: This continuation of Mathématique in the form of a low-key, low-fi, bare bones blog is about sharing what I have with the small nexus of people that want it. A Stargate bedtime story, if you will, that I’ll tell in the Aftertimes for as long as long as seems reasonable. Let’s keep it chill, kids. It’s quiet. It’s night. It’s almost time to go to sleep.

Notes about the story: Mathématique is a transformative work (aka fan fiction). Please don't repost to other sites. It’s a trope-twister. It’s an epic-length, crossover AU that spans all three series of Stargate. Timelines have been slightly altered so that season 4-5 of Stargate Atlantis (without Carter in command) occurs contemporaneously to season 10 of SG-1, which occurs in the year prior to season 1 of SGU. Events are slightly altered because this is an AU. Meaning it takes place a D-brane or two to the left from the shows themselves.

Notes about the series: Mathématique is part of the Multiverse Triptych, which also includes Force over Distance and Ad Noctum. Force over Distance is meant to be read first. Mathématique and Ad Noctum can be read in any order or together. They’re both WIPs.

Warnings: Rated R [movies]. Rated M [video games and AO3]. Don’t read this if your brain is still forming or you’re triggered by stress or memory issues. Individual chapters will carry their own content warnings.

This is Fiction: I love science fiction because it lets us talk about what hurts us with a degree of remove. No starship will fall in love with you. You’ll likely never hear the symphonic lament of a dead city. And yet. As you live, you may be forced to change in ways you’d rather not. You may have a panic attack. You may be betrayed. Someone may hurt you. You may contract a disease. Your neurochemistry may turn the wrong way for no reason you can see. To quote Blaise Pascal, during such times, you may need to carry something beautiful in your heart. That’s what I try to write about. Ways to carry something beautiful in your heart. Not sure I succeed. But that’s the aim.

Relationships: This is a strong-willed WIP, kids, on its very own D-brane. I can’t guarantee anything except for Daniel/Vala and, of course, that the relationship between Young and Rush will be featured heavily. They’re the central pairing across the multiverse, but as for Mathématique itself, who can say what will happen?

A few more things: This is the one about memory. The one about memory and grief and betrayal and love. Math and music. It’s also...the coffee shop AU. 

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

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