High Spring 2024 Updates

Okay Kids,

Mathématique: Chapter 76

“Human, Serpentis, Promethean, Gray, Galactic Sprite, or Ghoul. CHOOSE. You have to choose. Just say one. I’m begging you.”

Mathématique: Chapter 75

“Oh god,” Jackson muttered. “Do we think Nick Rush owns even one ‘wearable gemstone’?”

Mathématique: The Graveyard: Part 6

With a little flourish, Nick plucks a white shell from nothingness

Mathématique: The Graveyard: Part 5

Every door he opens deepens the debt he owes.

Mathématique: The Graveyard: Part 4

Nick, finally, arrives in totality.

Mathématique: The Graveyard: Part 3

How far is he from darkness? How far has he ever been?

Mathématique: The Graveyard: Part 2

Beauty is no defense against evil.

Mathématique: The Graveyard: Part 1

“Hi. I’m Daniel Jackson, peaceful explorer.”

Mathématique: Chapter 68

Sheppard shrugged. “You’re a musician; I kill people for a living.”

Mathématique: Chapter 67

This little sidearm-stealing pianist was gonna be a fight to stay clear of.

Mathématique: Intergalactic Gate Bridge

“Hey,” Rodney McKay snaps, a real edge in his voice, because he believes this. He does. “Science, done with low blood sugar, ends lives.”

Mathématique: Chapter 65

How terribly tragic life must be, for those who could remember it.

Mathématique: Chapter 64

“The ring should be taken to Mordor,” Teal’c said, solemnly.  

Mathématique: Chapter 63

“I’m extremely normal,” Rush informed Young.

Mathématique: Chapter 62

“There was a day,” Young whispered, because this had to be true. It had to be. “There was a day that you woke alone, beside a river.”

Mathématique: Chapter 61

 Sheppard, party of nine?

Mathématique: The Set of All You Don't Know

Volker’s bones speak in ice.

Mathématique: Chapter 59

“Of course he’ll be able to go into the field, once we get his tech up and running,” McKay snapped. “What do we look like to you? Broken-down, burnt-out, worn-out shells of human beings who’ve spent half a decade battling soul-sucking monsters?”

Mathématique: Chapter 58

Measure after measure, Beethoven called to Mozart. Across space and time. Through the medium of music.

Mathématique: Chapter 57

“Unscheduled on-world activation?” the voice over the speakers said, slowly.

Mathématique: Chapter 56

Rush ached for a piano in a way that he hadn’t ached for anything in his eight weeks of existence.

Mathématique: Chapter 55

“Sorry, buddy,” Young whispered, dropping to his bad knee to get eye-level with Jackson. He put one hand on the archeologist’s shoulder. “You can’t save it. They already know."

Mathématique: Chapter 54

“You feel like you know Mozart. Like, Mozart Mozart? Volfgahng Amadeus? The dead guy who you’ve definitely never met ever one time in your life. That Mozart.”

Mathématique: On Lethe Fixed

To leave, she will have to shoot him. He’s made that the price of the door.

Mathématique: Chapter 52

“So—six days from now, I will get a burning cake?” Ginn asked.

Mathématique: Chapter 51

“Ugh,” Eli said, zipping up his jacket and eyeing the sheeting rain, lit to orange in the glow of streetlights. “It’s like you’re the responsible straight man in the zany romantic comedy of your own life, dude, where your love interest is your past self!"

Mathématique: Chapter 50

“Ah,” Jackson said. “Good to know that nearly killing you will get me apartment admittance, if not consistent first-name privileges.”

Mathématique: Fair Share of Abuse

It doesn’t seem like October. Unfortunately, the main reason it doesn’t seem like October is that Mitchell has a hard time believing that he’s lived this long. That they all have.

Mathématique: Chapter 48

Mid-September in Harvard Square was a terrible time to embark on a career as an aspiring, amnestic, hipster barista.

Mathématique: Chapter 47

“Who’s going to volunteer ?” Jackson’s voice cracked, his answer already written on his face.

Mathématique: Chapter 46

“You think I fantasize about helping impolite Scottish guys with their hair while my mom is working the night shift?”

Mathématique: Chapter 45

“Damn it, hotshot,” Young whispered, looking up, as if he could see into low earth orbit. 

Mathématique: Chapter 44

With a growing sense of horror, he tried to recall anything about himself.

Mathématique: Chapter 43

It was fire season.

Mathématique: The Lotus and the Snake

Let me come always in supplication, Vala thinks, praying for luck to the dead false god who had stolen her life and lived in her spine.

Mathématique: Chapter 41

Telford gave Rush an appraising look. “No one will stop us if we walk out with confidence.”

Mathématique: Chapter 40

“It’s not a date,” Jackson said sharply. “It’s a dinner meeting to discuss Vala’s cultural acclimatization.“

Mathématique: Boundary Conditions

Relief is not a sentiment that Amanda Perry typically encounters. Generally, she creates logistical nightmares with her presence that are often, but not always, worth the insight she offers.

Mathématique: Chapter 38

“A chair as a shell. A chair as a gateway. Not literal. Not like the stargate. But, a gateway all the same.”

Mathématique: From Nothing, Nothing Comes

Rodney hates the implementation of solutions that require destruction of any kind. It is, Zelenka thinks, a surprisingly poetic weakness in a physicist.

Mathématique: Chapter 36

“Seriously?” Young said. “Beethoven?”

Mathématique: Chapter 35

He was ignoring a chord progression.

Mathématique: Tradition

“If it does not contain Doritos,” Teal’c says, “then it is not chel’mek.”

Mathématique: Chapter 33

They sat together on the hood of Young’s car in the middle of Pike National Forest, at the same unnamed scenic overlook where Young had dressed Vala’s shoulder injury weeks before.

Mathématique: Chapter 32

Grief should be reductive, like everything else.

Mathématique: Chapter 31

“Pointless meeting? Check. Chess tutorial? Check. Fluid dynamics consult? Check.” Rush pulled Young’s sunglasses out of his bag. “Do you have cooking wine? I feel like lighting something on fire.”

Mathématique: Chapter 30

Oh. Right then. There was an outstanding reason for doing what they were doing. This was a contingency plan. It must be. 

Mathématique: Chapter 29

The Dodge Charger was a man’s car.

Mathématique: Chapter 28

The tail end of any bell curve was a precarious place to live.