Scattered Things

Welcome: This revision/update to the Scattered Things Verse in the form of a low-key, low-fi, bare bones blog is about sharing what I have with the people who want it. Let's keep it chill, kids, and maybe we'll work out what happens to a fraction of a hivemind.

Unhelpful summary of Scattered Things: As though a serious true work were being planned.

Notes about the stories: These are transformative works, meaning they're "fan fiction," much like Ulysses, The Call of the Wild, or anything you'll find on AO3. Scattered Things is an epic-length AU full of experimental prose that provides an alternate-history bracketing of the movie Pacific Rim. Please don't repost to other sites, but it's okay to link to this site.

Warnings: Rated R [movies]. Rated M [video games and AO3]. This one contains realistic depictions of neurological, physical, and bureaucratic trauma. It's about PTSD and mental illness. I'm working on what else to say here, but it's been my experience that this collection of stories can induce love, panic, anxiety, sadness, joy, sublimity, euphoria, rage. Don't read it unless you're braced in who you are. Stop reading if it triggers you. All of that being everything I write, I consider this a hopeful story about the ways to carry something beautiful in your heart when facing death and civilization-ending horrors.

Where was this for a decade: Licking its wounds in a cave under the sea.

This is fiction: A story, not an ethical framework or moral argument. I understand that romanticization of mental illness is currently considered a societal evil. But kids...can we not find bioluminescent night orchids in even the darkest forest?

Relationships: Newton Geszler/Hermann Gottlieb working out the finer details of what is, effectively, an asexual relationship.

Permissions: Anything done with love and attribution is okay by me. Translations, art, commentary, bookbinding, playlists, podcasts, fanfic, the years-long work of ghostly archivists...

Please don't: post to other sites do any monetization around anything involving this work. It was created for free, and it's meant to stay that way!

Stories (coming slowly sometime):

Epistolaric Empiricism
Lady Stardust
Crystal Lake
Geneva 2020
Things Exactly As They Are
Failing the Solo Trial
Designations Congruent with Things

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