Midwinter 2024 Updates

Okay Kids,

Since the timestamps on this blog are ordinal rather than accurate, here’s what’s churning in the local quantum foam:

The FoD clock has struck midnight, and it's posted to AO3. It's really and truly done. Not a moment too soon because Maths has been burning a hole in my very soul for months now.

Finalized chapters of the Multiverse Triptych can be found at readbyelementals. elementals also maintains The Work Feed, full of audio drafts that evolve with my input. To listen in, paste this custom RSS feed into a podcast app that supports private feeds (Spotify won’t, Apple will…and so on down the line): https://www.readbyelementals.net/t/proofpod/proofpod.xml

Latest Releases:
Text: Maths 67
Locked audio: FoD13

Text: Maths 68
Audio: FoD 14

Current Vibe:

“I’m concerned about what might happen if we sleep at the same time,” Sheppard said.

Rush furrowed his brow.

“I remember that look. You don’t like one of my premises.”

“Simultaneity,” Rush admitted.

“Simultaneity? You have a relativistic objection?” Sheppard grinned.

Wishing you the best,

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