High Spring 2024 Updates

Okay Kids,

Since the timestamps on this blog are ordinal rather than accurate, here’s what’s churning in the local quantum foam:

The FoD clock has struck midnight, and it's been posted to AO3. Maths is back in the spotlight, getting new chapters and simultaneous edits. As usual, Ad Noctum is backstage, chewing on the scenery. I'm experimenting with the idea of slowly posting some Pacific Rim content to the blog.

Check out readbyelementals for completed chapters or stream The Work Feed (a podcast maintained by elementals of audio drafts that evolve with my input) by pasting this RSS feed into a podcast app that supports private URLs (Spotify won’t, Apple will…): https://www.readbyelementals.net/t/proofpod/proofpod.xml

Other Magic:
Ril of Mythril Thread Books has hand-bound Force over Distance into a stunning work of art.

Latest Releases:
Text: Maths 76
Locked audio: FoD 15

Text: Maths 77
Audio: FoD 16

Current Vibe:

Sending archeologists to shop for seasonal decor...

Wishing you the best,

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