Late Summer 2023 Updates

Okay Kids,

Since the timestamps on this blog are ordinal rather than accurate, here’s what’s churning in the local quantum foam:

I continue to work on FoD rewrites that have become so extensive that I question my life choices and sanity while Maths and Ad Noc burn swaths of my neurons for fun. I may crack soon and write a chapter of Maths. But I'm trying to be disciplined.

Finalized chapters of the Multiverse Triptych are available to be streamed or downloaded at readbyelementals.

The Work Feed:
This is an experiment, kids. The Work Feed is full of audio drafts that evolve with time and that lock into final versions as elementals and I go back and forth. Paste this custom RSS feed into your favorite podcast app that supports private feeds (Spotify won’t, Apple will…and so on down the line):

Latest Releases:
Text: FoD 83 [The Konami Code]
Locked Audio: FoD10 [Promise]

Text: 90% chance of FoD84; 10% chance of the next Maths chapter.
Audio: Possibly FoD7 [Physical Chemistry]

Current Vibe:
Not using life for conquest.

Wishing you the best,

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