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Mathématique: Intergalactic Gate Bridge

“Hey,” Rodney McKay snaps, a real edge in his voice, because he believes this. He does. “Science, done with low blood sugar, ends lives.”

Mathématique: Chapter 65

How terribly tragic life must be, for those who could remember it.

Mathématique: Chapter 64

“The ring should be taken to Mordor,” Teal’c said, solemnly.  

Mathématique: Chapter 63

“I’m extremely normal,” Rush informed Young.

Mathématique: Chapter 62

“There was a day,” Young whispered, because this had to be true. It had to be. “There was a day that you woke alone, beside a river.”

Mathématique: Chapter 61

 Sheppard, party of nine?

Mathématique: The Set of All You Don't Know

Volker’s bones speak in ice.

Mathématique: Chapter 59

“Of course he’ll be able to go into the field, once we get his tech up and running,” McKay snapped. “What do we look like to you? Broken-down, burnt-out, worn-out shells of human beings who’ve spent half a decade battling soul-sucking monsters?”