Hey Kids (Organizational Post)

This whole time I've been wishing you the best... 

...hopefully it's okay if I send a message in a bottle here and there.

Elementals maintains a static site where you can download pdfs of everything that used to be on AO3: https://www.cleanwhiteroom.net

This blog is maintained by me. I'm shy these days.  

I learned recently that there's a community of people who still look for my work, even after all this time. You crazy kids. [Insert wistful grin here.] All the things you've made and done and thought. I'm sure I don't know even a fraction of it.

I spent a long time under night skies, hands jammed in my pockets, collecting starlight on my retinas, thinking about you doing the same thing. Thinking about the stories I had. Thinking about the people who wanted them. There are multiverses where I don't share them. There are multiverses where I do.

Think of me, thinking of you, all of us under the same stars,


Works Pertaining to Stargate (The Multiverse Triptych):

Force over Distance

Works Pertaining to Pacific Rim:

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